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The JOE-X PROCESS – FREE DOWNLOAD – How can I improve my support network for homeless people?

Brief explanation The Joe-X procedure is currently a 3-stage procedure that helps you to check and optimize your entire network in the area of ​​homelessness and, if necessary, to expand it and also to put it together for interdisciplinary specialist teams and discuss it virtually .

In a matter of seconds, all participants are up to date on what your help system looks like, what help is planned, or where the difficulties are. The problem so far: So far there has not been a single prototype, or software, or similar, where you can list all the help quickly and easily, view new help and at the same time compare it with certain and important control processes in the Help offering. There is also the problem: Many help systems are often not known at all, since there is no central database or similar where you can simply download certain help concepts and adapt them to your needs.

The Joe X process

The Joe-X method is structured in 3 points:

Point 1 : Procedure point 1

Creation of a digital help tree with all the help you offer in your city. The help tree is created automatically. General help tree and medical help tree ( Discussion Base / Experts)

Point 2 : Procedure point 2

– What help options are there in the cities? What else could I offer for shelter?

Item 3 – Control processes

Process control points in the help area Comparison of your help with important process control points.

The problem: A lot of help is often not known. There is also the possibility of getting to know new help via an optimization link. Example: How could I organize a shower bus with a neighboring city, or similar. How do I find contacts? Who should I contact? What projects are there in the Tiny House sector? – What are your experiences etc.? And what are hospital apartments? How to organize a soup kitchen? How do I organize an offer in the field of youth and homelessness? Short technical details:

You can also create your own link structure on the Joe-X start page. Since it is technically an Excel program, you have the option of creating links yourself on the surface and thus making your entire offers, diagrams or statistical evaluations easy to build in.

The joe-X-Procedure- How do I create an overall support network for the homeless in my city?

The system is therefore very flexible, no matter what records, evaluations, figures, financing or calculations you have in your city. You can also open and edit the file with open-office and create your own links to it. You can access and expand everything you do in the area of ​​homelessness in your city with one click. All functions are also explained on youtube. Videos can be found on the website. Obdachlos-digital.de under the link „Joe-X“ „Insertion of a link on the home page“.

The procedure deals with the question of which process control points there are in the entire homelessness help network when you develop an overall concept for your city. In the so-called „dashboard“ you have the opportunity to get to know all process control points and to compare them with your offers of help. (See also videos) Please use the YouTube video material of the Joe-X trial on obdachlos-digital.de, some of which lasts several hours

Special benefit – Joe X method total help network for the homeless. What should my concept look like?

Advantage: Create an overall network for your city step by step. Optimize your offers and check all offers against the control points. Discuss your overall concept with experts. With one click you have all projects, approaches, help in the digital tree on the screen.

Straight to the Joe-X method – download now for free!


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